What We Do

One size doesn't fit all!

That’s why we offer a free consultation first to understand your needs.

We work on a retainer, day rate or hourly rate, depending on the project. 

Social Media Strategy

A data driven approach to strategy.

Social media isn’t a standalone activity, it’s part of your digital and overall marketing strategy. We start with a full audit of your brand and your competitors’ online presence, based on which we define a social media strategy in line with your overall business goals and plan. 

Social for Demand Gen Campaigns

YES, social media drives leads! 

Your customers do their research and even buy online. You need to engage them at every step in the customer lifecycle. We develop social content and implement social campaigns for the awareness, consideration, purchase and post-purchase stages. Depending on your CRM system, you will be able to measure social ROI. 

Community Management

Bring your social communities to life! 

We create online brand communications with a personal touch. People buy from people, no matter if you are in a B2C or B2B environment. We will make your brand more approachable and engaging online, which will increase trust and ultimately your sales pipeline.

Influencers & Brand Advocates

Your most precious resource are your fans!

Your employees, customers, partners or industry experts – there are plenty of people with expertise in your field. Find them, engage them for your brand and reap the benefits. We provide social media training for employees, including your executives. We are also experts in online Influencer Engagement! 

Social at Events & Launches

Make your events and launches pop! 

Events and launches can be enhanced by social media tactics, such as live blogging, tweeting, social displays, contests, dedicated chat forums or online events. Your social mentions and Share of Voice (SOV) will soar!

General Marketing Services for Start-ups

You don’t have any marketing plan yet?

We know what it’s like for start-ups – everything is a challenge: budgets, resources, no time. We can help you define your overall marketing strategy and set achievable goals on a quarterly and annual basis that maximise your brand exposure on a tiny budget.